“Take Me Home” selected for a movie!

Filmproducers Bo van Scheyen and Kees Vermeer from the Dutch movie “Uit Huis” (Moving Out) found in “Take Me Home” from Sound of Lighthouse the perfect song for their story! The movie is about a teenager who is on the verge of making an almost impossible choice. To leave home. His mother is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Welfare is worried about him as he is a very talented young man and offer him to step out of it and focus on his own life. A very tough decision to make. The movie “Moving Out” will be presented next month during Filmfestival By The Sea.


The song “Take Me Home” is about someone dreaming of a place “where thoughts and fears are dying, where hopes and dreams are flying”. A peaceful place that we call home and feel safe.


Composer Josie: “I have longed for such a place for a long time myself, but during my search I discovered this place is with me. Sometimes we need to leave a certain situation or place to find ourselves. What we really want and need in life. Even when it seems impossible at first.


Producer Bo van Scheyen was moved when she heard the song for the first time. “I knew we had found the perfect song for our movie”.


“Take Me Home”
Composition, lyrics and music: Sound of Lighthouse/Josie



The single HomeTown is now available at iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify, or directly from the artist, so all support goes to the maker.
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  • More amazing news! Radiostation IndieXL gives the single "HomeTown" from Josie and Sound of Lighthouse airplay and placed it on the Spotify playlist! We are very happy with this!! A huge thank you! <3 #newreleases .

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  • Getting ready for the big release. Designing the cover for the soundtrack. Released soon. Late hours but happy heart!! #filmmusic #designing #covertart
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  • I am still surprised how the mysteries of life work and exactly that what I love to do the most, (bringing more than just music), falls from the sky! Check out the teaser from the movie ‘Uit Huis’ (Leaving Home), a sensitive topic about how leaving is sometimes for the best although it seems upmost impossible! .

Director: Kees Vermeer 
Camera Joseph Black
Actors: Owen Kaat, Janneke Langerak, Charles de Vries, Jesse de Vries, Ans Schilders, Mike van Dommelen en Marco de Boey.
Sound: Levi Oreel, Dion van Drom 
Sounddesign: Gerco van der Wal 
Editing Studio B&W 
Actor coaching Bo van Scheyen 
Music: Josie & Sound of Lighthouse
Film Producers: FarMore Pictures | Studio B&W

Song: Take Me Home
Sound of Lighthouse/Josie @pharosmusicofficial
@filmbythesea #uithuis #uithuisdefilm
  • The word is out! The song "Take Me Home" has been selected for the movie "Uit Huis" (Leaving Home). A very sensitive subject! Check out the teaser! (Link in bio). With Uit Huis | Josie Music | Sound of Lighthouse #filmmusic #uithuisdefilm
  • Working on a titelsong for the movie Uit Huis, with Farmore productions, Studio Betty and Wolff and Sound of Lighthouse ! #filmmusic #josie #soundoflighthouse #music #uithuisdefilm #cinecity #filmbythesea #studiobettyandwolff #farmoreproductions
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  • Very honored Sound of Lighthouse is getting so much airtime on Costa Del Mar Radio Ibiza! This week two of our songs daily! ‘Leap Into The Deep' and 'Music and Rhyme' ft. Ronald Vanhuffel and Josie Music .

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  • Josie LIVE in Bertrix at Les Amis de l'Ardenne. You can watch the whole song on Youtube now @josiemusic .

Song: Sacrifice Me
Artist: Anouk
Covered by Josie & Fonzies Triumph
@fonziestriumph .

#livemusic #josie
  • Fresh brunch in high frequency! Creating the life we want starts with an elevated emotion. Junkfood, alcohol, too much artificial sugar and fat lowers our energy and influences therefor our mood and behavior scientists have proved. When that is true, it works the other way around and we make different choices that will create a different life. #freedom .

Recipe: Salade with avocado, chickpeas, salmon, cherry tomatoes, feta, olive oil, peper, sea salt, grapes, all pesticide free.
  • Never met, no chance to practise with the awesome guys of Fonzies Triumph! It was such a pleasure to share the stage with you! #live at Les Amis de l’Ardenne 😘 swipevideo
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  • A pitstop, taking the time to have diner and watch the sunset 
  • Here is another coversong in DADGAD #dadgadseries Guitartuning starting with a D instead of an E and the other strings ADGAD to make playing more easy (oftentimes just two fingers) and a soothing warm sound. .

Song: Sweet Child O Mine
Artist: Guns N Roses
Covered by Josie
Tuning: Dadgad
  • Lately I have been so blessed meeting people who really match with the alien I have felt for so long. We speak the same language, even when we are silently watching the stars, but mostly making music, film, projects that speak from and to hearts. We are riding the same bus! .

I learned that when others dont respond, dont initiate, it means nothing about your value!! It only means they make space for the ones that need to be on your bus right now.

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