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How cool to have soundtracks in the videos you post on Instagram? And totaly for free? (*) Josie offers free 1minute music in different moods for individuals. From uplifting uptempo dance to magical soundscapes, instrumental or with vocals. The value of music in a movie is very strong as it creates tension build or emotion. You can now add music in your holiday, amazing travel, kids and animal video’s. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter in which we can update you when there is more music available, live gigs or extra ordinary news. If you don’t know how to add music to your video, don’t worry, we will do it for you. Leave your name and emailadres in the box below and we will lead you to a page where you can listen and download page. Check out this video as an example!


(*) For company video’s we have different offers.
Non-exclusive 5€,- for 1 minute.
For exclusive deals and full versions, please contact us here.

  • HomeTown from Josie now available at Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and Spotify or directly from the artist, so all support goes to the maker. #music #art
  • I ❤️ ideas like these! The company Natural Media Experts in Amsterdam makes advertisements with water, green moss, sand and milkpowder, (so no paper or inkt) to be good to nature and to us! And they are looking for staff! Contact founder Jim Bowes for more information and start working for this hardcore business from the heart!  #job #eco #marketing #🌱
  • And then there was nothing and that was everything! ✨ #photooftheday
  • Song: Stay part 1 and 2! (Swipe!)
Artist: Josie
Video: Teide, Canarian Islands.

Swipe to the left to hear the second part, or go to youtube Josie Music 🎵(also link in bio)
  • I am in a field of possibilities. This is just one of them. .

Photo: @kluijfhout #photograper
  • OUT NOW!

Song: Hometown
Artist: Josie & Sound of Lighthouse
Now available at iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify #newrelease
  • I ❤️ nature! It shows me what we really are! #photooftheday #wearewhatwearelookingfor
  • ‘Hometown’ just released! The song is about going within, for answers, love, confirmation, everything! 😊 .

hope you enjoy it and support the work by going to iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music or the website .

Song: Hometown 
Artist: Josie & Sound of Lighthouse now available on Spotify iTunes Apple Music Amazon and Deezer @pharosmusicofficial
  • Music for me has always been because I loved it.
Because it was the first thing that I was sure,
that I loved…

Photo @kluijfhout 
  • Friends For Life. Same hairdresser 😄🐾 ❤️
  • No extra words needed! 
Credits: S.C Lourie ❤️@butterfliesandpebbles
  • “I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales” (said August Rush and I agree! I dont care “if it is hard” or “impossible to break through” or “the industry is wrotten”. Music connects us! All of us! Beyond time, distance, culture, language, age and our differences. Its a language filled with love and joy ❤️ It heals, sooths, comforts and moves us. We enjoy it! THAT is all that matters!!! that is why we do it!! #musiciansunited #join #message

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