Behind The Scenes

The stunning location from the music video Be My Lover was found by accident. Josie was driving the highway when a voice told her to look to the left. As the traffic wouldnt allow her, she took her camera and clicked a few lucky shots. When she came home she saw a mountain in the shape of a man laying down. The rock showed a weird radiance on the photo. As the windows where down she found it was odd and decided to go back the next day to check it out and decided it is the perfect place to shoot the music video for ‘Be My Lover’.

When we went back to shoot the video, we left very early to beat the heat and waited in the dark for the sun to come up while having breakfast and our morning coffee. It was a breathtaking experience sitting in the dark in soothing silence apart from some goat bells ringing.


It was beautiful to see the sun woke up exactly behind the Sleeping Indian!

Check out the video here!