On this page you’ll find some examples of Josie’s repertoire. For more information, you can read her bio.


Photo credits: Marijn Kluijfhout.


“Sacrifice Me”

“My Eyes Only”

“When She Sings”
Lisa Bolin/Josie

“Always Remember Us This Way”
Lady Gaga

And more…

Get Here – Oleta Adams

If I Ain’t Got You [Alicia Keys]

Everything Must Change – Benard Ighner

She Will Be Loved [Maroon5]

Don’t Leave Me High [Radiohead]

Music and Rhyme [Sound of Lighthouse]

My Eyes Only [Handpan/Ambient/lounge]

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Sound of Lighthouse
Film/production music and awareness


Before (and after COVID19) we were and will be live again at..

Seminar and congresses

The magical sounds of the handpan and Josie’s soothing voice almost immediately bring your audience to full attention, forgetting about their day to day live for a few minutes. Ideal to start your seminar or congress with and surely will add something special to your event. But also as a musical intermezzo, Josie’s music will help to create a short break in between two speakers and help the listener to be ready for more theory and better absorption of information. Studies have proofed the mind can only concentrate for a short while to digest all the information coming to us.

I play at festivals, retreats, seminars and congresses about self love, truth versus mindlies, nowism, we are energy, organic lifestyle, self healing, quantum physics, nature as our teacher etc 🙂

Anything that has to do with living from the heart.


Please don’t hesitate to email your wishes and ideas how you would like the music to fit into the service. Or perhaps you would like to give the music to all who visited the service? If you have a request of a song that means something to you and your family we will also see what we can do. If you prefer speaking on the phone about all your wishes, please leave your number in the email and we will call you as soon as possible.