Soundtracks and scores for film, documentary and commercials

Josie writes music for film, documentary, commercial, tv series, events and promo video’s under the name Sound of Lighthouse. Instrumentale cues, romantic or uplifting, themes combined with vocals, with or without lyrics, scores and soundtracks especially designed for your story, everything is possible. Here you will find some previews to give you an idea for the style and possibilities.

Uit Huis (Leaving Home)

The movie “Uit Huis” from director Kees Vermeer and producer Bo van Scheyen tells the story of a teenager and his mother who is addicted to alcohol and drugs. A shortmovie with a beautiful message, that you have the choice to choose a different path, even when it almost seems impossible.

Sound of Lighthouse deliverd the soundtrack “Take Me Home” in two versions. The acoustic one for the teaser of the movie, and the more epic filmversion. Now available at  iTunes and our musicstore.

#shortmovie #festival #12+

Ocean Full Of Stars

We are all a spark in an ocean full of stars. The song Ocean Full of Stars was inspired by the dancing lights in the ocean. It is an unreleased song, that could be used in film, tv series, documentary, corporate videos and events or promo video’s. It contains a solid arrangement that develops and has a sense of forward momentum an can be ajusted to your wishes with longer pieces that easily fit behind dialog or voiceover.

Music by Sound of Lighthouse
Composer: Josie

Inspiration video JOY

The song and music video Cloudy Skies in Paradise is about people walking their path of life, experiencing cloudy skies at times. Josie made it for her foundation JOY that hopes to inspire people to see, focus and follow their joy and her non profit organisation to help to make dreams come true all over the planet.

For more information about JOY follow Instagram | Facebook | Networkgroup MakeDreamsComeTrue

JOY is a non-profit organisation. You can download the single or make a donation when you wish to support the work.

The Wire (De Draad) Documentary

Documentary and Dutch filmmaker Rieks Soepenberg made a movie about ‘The Wire’, a 1000 volt wire between the border of Belgium and The Netherlands during the first World War. Josie composed the music which constists of several piano themes forming one piece.

Promo video Travel Company

Natural Media Experts made a promo video for Triskel Travel. The song ‘Close To My Heart’ is from Josie and refers to staying close to your heart and it’s desires as it will bring you clearity about what you really want and makes you happy. The song is an original and has not been released yet.

Promo video Yacht Broker

A yacht broker choose the music from Josie & Sound of Lighthouse to use in their for sale video.
The original ‘Ocean Full Of Stars’ has not been released yet, the songs ‘Hometown’ and ‘Light’ are on the first album Salida del Sol.

Promo video Theatre Group

For the improvisation group Bekkies Vol Tanden from Breda, the Netherlands, Josie composed this openingstune they use whenever playing live.

We have many more unreleased songs and soundscapes for commercial video’s, documentaries and film. Feel free to ask for the possibilities!

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