Starting with classical music training at the age of six, Josie grew up in the small Dutch town of St. Michels Gestel. She soon outgrew her bucolic beginnings, composing her own songs and merging them with pop hits from her idols like Tori Amos. By her teenage years, Josie honed her singing and keyboarding skills in choirs and bands, finally founding her own singing group at age 21. Having studied at the Kings Theatre Academy in the Netherlands and participated in master classes with some of the best artists of her country, Josie performed several times live on national radio and was also asked to sing for the King and Queen of the Netherlands.


Josie’s break was a bittersweet one, as her first commission was to compose the song “Before I’ll Be Gone” as a tribute to a friend and lyricist with Duchene disease on behalf of the Dutch Society of Myopathy. The song sold 3,000 copies, with proceeds going to the foundation. Josie also wrote the score for the Rieks Soepenberg-directed World War I documentary, ‘The Wire’.


In 2014, Josie collaborated with fellow Dutch lyricist and DJ, Renegato (Fred Krautwurst) under the name Sound of Lighthouse. Their first single, ‘My Eyes Only’, featured etheric handpan and electronic soundscapes. This was followed by the singles ‘Leap into the Deep’, ‘Let Him Go’, ‘Someday’, ‘Salida del Sol’, ‘Goodbye’, and ‘Keep on Knocking’, all from the 2015 album ‘Salida del Sol’.


In 2017, Sound of Lighthouse released their second album, ‘Close to You’, an otherworldly meditation on love and music, containing the singles ‘Shine on Me’, ‘EO’, ‘My Eyes Only Dance’, ‘Be My Lover’, ‘Won’t Bring Me Down’, and ‘Music and Rhyme’, featuring Ronald Vanhuffel as producer and musician.


Josie sings solo and with several bands throughout Europe. She also plays guitar, handpan, and piano during her live shows and events. As a creator and artist with a deep spiritual connection to our universe, Josie’s lyrics reflect her journey as a soul that seeks – and generates – authenticity, love, and light. Her belief in the creative power of words drives her desire to help us all connect more deeply with ourselves and each other.


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Interview by Eileen Bild: