Seminar and congress

The magical sounds of the handpan and Josie’s soothing voice almost immediately bring your audience to full attention, forgetting about their day to day live for a few minutes. Ideal to start your seminar or congress with and surely will add something special to your event. But also as a musical intermezzo, Josie’s music will help to create a short break in between two speakers and help the listener to be ready for more theory and better absorption of information. Studies have proofed the mind can only concentrate for a short while to digest all the information coming to us.

Memorial Service and Funeral

Josie is an experienced singer at memorial services and funerals. Her voice and the hang drum have been welcomed and noted as healing and comforting during moments of grieve. Especially in churches and monasteries the hang drum and her voice however are something really special because of the acoustics. Josie can perform with piano, guitar, orchestra tape or acapella if the location is suitable for it. We hope her music will bring some comfort to you and your family and an extra special memory to your loved ones.

Some music examples

Take Me Home: akoestische handpan en zang

For One Minute; akoestische gitaar en zang

Shine One Me; met orkest band en zang

Before I’ll Be Gone; met orkest band en zang


Please don’t hesitate to email your wishes and ideas how you would like the music to fit into the service. Or perhaps you would like to give the music to all who visited the service? If you have a request of a song that means something to you and your family we will also see what we can do. If you prefer speaking on the phone about all your wishes, please leave your number in the email and we will call you as soon as possible.