Author Eileen Bild interviewed Josie about her new single and inspiration video Cloudy Skies in Paradise and how the power of JOY can help our lives, relationships and businesses move forward.

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Elephant Journal

Josie got the chance to talk about the power of focusing on good in the American magazine Elephant Journal! What would happen when we all focus on what is good in the world and in the other? Ourselves? How would the world look like? You read it here.

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iHeart Radio

Josie was LIVE at iHeart Radio Sunday July the 29th! Sandra Taylor and Alan Speer from Truth Frequency Radio (USA) asked her about her journey during a heart to heart talk. Also she played and sang live.

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No Strings Attached Magazine (USA)

Author Eileen Bild from The States interviewed Josie for No Strings Attached Magazine about her early steps in music to where she is today. During this intriguing interview Josie reveals her joys, trials, triumphs and tribulations.

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