Be My Lover

About This Project

The song ‘Be My Lover’ is about someone who will do anything to keep someone in the room. It doesnt matter what their beloved does (or doesn’t do) or if it hurts. “I don’t care anymore what you do, as long as you are in my life”.


We see this kind of behavior often with people who are afraid to be left alone and will do anything to prevent that from happening. The message is, real love cannot be held and doesn’t have to. The love is there from the start without any effort.


The inspiration of recording the video clip happened on the beautiful spot ‘The Sleeping Indian’ in Antequera, South of Spain, where a mountain looks like a sleeping Indian. The story goes that when his beloved left him, he decided to go to sleep and would only wake up if she would return. She didn’t, and the sleeping Indian is still asleep.


With this song Josie hopes to inspire people in a similar situation to value their self worth and not at all costs try to keep someone with you, as in a way you will abandon yourself in doing so. Create instead your own beautiful life and the one who truly respects, loves and honors you (and themselves), will join you.


Lyrics: Josie
Music: Josie & Renegato, Sound of Lighthouse
Artwork: Fred Krautwurst (Renegato)
Album: Close To You [2017]


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