Cloudy Skies in Paradise

About This Project

Josie’s new single Cloudy Skies in Paradise is about focussing on the things that feel good. Especially when we are not feeling good, focussing on little things that we find beautiful, funny, loving, sweet, can help us to move forward, she experienced after a long periode of sadness and loss. This is not to say life is only fun or we should ignore our feelings, we can be there for us! Acknowlegding it and sit with it, embracing this moment and knowing it is a temporary state of being is being loving to ourselves. However focussing, talking about and sharing with the rest of the world what we don’t want, attracts only more of that and keeps us stuck in an energy of resistance. Not only does it feel better to see the beauty here now, it helps us to manifest the life we do want as we are co-creators.


Lex Amrein from Triple A Music Studio’s worked as an sound engineer with Sister Slegde, Gino Vannelli, Mike Stern, Gloria Gaynor, Candy Dulfer and many more. He did an amazing job bringing Josie’s voice close to you, so headphones are recommanded!


Cloudy Skies in Paradise is soon available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify. You can allready receive it by transfering €0,99 or $ by bank (send us an email whereto) or use the donationbutton from paypall HERE and add any amount you wish to donate. The money will be used for promotion and recording/distribution of new releases. When you send us an email we will send you the high resolution mp3 back for download on phone or other device.


Lyrics and Music: Josie
Mix/Mastering: Lex Amrein, Triple A Music Studio’s Almere, Netherlands
Label: Pharos Music



Cloudy Skies in Paradise


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