Keep On Knocking

About This Project


The song ‘Keep On Knocking’ is about the two managers that seem to be sitting on our chair, the Ego or false self that has many masks and voices and our true self, we call soul. As Ego talks loud and gives each person 60.000 thoughts a day, we hear it more often than the voice of the soul or the heart, who is silently whispering, gently giving you hunches, untill it is really time to hit you in the face with something because you didnt listen 😉 Then often we realize, we have heard him knock on the door before, but somehow we were not consciously enough, didnt see the signs and synchronicities that our true self tried to tell that it was here right in front of us all along.


Lyrics: Josie
Music: Josie & Renegato
Artwork/mix/mastering/video: Renegato.
Album: Salida del Sol [2015]


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Keep On Knocking

Sound of Lighthouse

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