Let Him Go

About This Project

The single Let Him Go is about how we sometimes have to let go of something or someone. Sometimes in order for them to find themselves, sometimes because you need to find out what it is that you really need or simply because the situation or person does not really match what you want in life right now. Whatever it is, it is important that you are happy and everything in your life is for your best interest and others.


Letting go is for a lot of us very difficult to do, because we feel obligated to stay, are afraid for the new, or we simply do not know yet what it is we really want. In the music video the woman feels relieved and free after she dared to choose for herself and what she needs and starts to live more and more. Women for centuries have been raised to make the other one more important then themselves and often feel guilty to choose what they need. But also men can suffer from this programming and do not choose their own heart. The song is about to ask yourself: “Do want to be with someone who doesnt feel free? Who is not really chosing you because they want to, but because of guilt?” Letting someone go is the highest form of love, more so than holding on to. It will free you both. And in that space anything can happen.


Lyrics: Renegato
Music: Renegato & Josie
Mix/Mastering/Video: Renegato


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Let Him Go

Sound of Lighthouse

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