Music and Rhyme

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Music and Rhyme is a song about a deep love connection between two people. How they are beautiful and whole and complete on their own, but together help each other thrive and the synergy makes them even more powerful and beautiful.


Co-operation with producer/musician Ronald Vanhuffel
The song was made in close cooperation with producer/musician Ronald Vanhuffel from Belgium. Ronald worked with Snow Patrol, The Kooks, A Balladeer, Bløf, Miss Montreal, Di-rect and many more. Josie visited Ronald’s studio in Gent and just played and recorded some idea’s she had. Later when Ronald listened back to the recordings, he was inspired by the lyrics Renegato wrote for the song ‘Music and Rhyme’ and the romance in the vocal melody. He later he told the band he loved the purity of the message from love, the profound way how two people can be so beautifully connected. Therefor he gave the music an ethereal touch that fits the words and this almost ‘non’ earthly love.


Josie: “When we he send me the song as a surprise I was stunned and listened to it over and over and messaged him: “Your tunes bring me high up into the Galaxy and I don’t want to land!. It’s a song you want to repeat over and over because you just don’t want it to end!” Renegato responds was the same: “It is amazing how he truly felt the message and created this beautiful song! He is a true artist!”


Lyrics: Renegato
Music: Josie & Ronald Vanhuffel (drums, guitar, synths)
Artwork: Fred Krautwurst (Renegato)
Mix/mastering: Renegato & Vanhuffel
Album: Close To You [2017]


Rob (Bob) Turner (Bee Gees/Graham Bonnet) about Music & Rhyme: “Lovely song and beautifully composed. It envelopes the listener in its hypnotic style with voices echoing as from a distant mountain valley carried on the breeze and bringing the message of love from one to another. It wraps comfortably over you in Sound of Lighthouse’s distinctive and plaintive musical and lilting form.”


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Music and Rhyme

Sound of Lighthouse

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