My Eyes Dance

About This Project

My Eyes Only is a triptych. The first was composed for handpan and vocals in an intime setting. The lyrics are about a high sensitive woman who sees beyond the human eye, feels what can’t be seen, like energy and feels often not understood or believed by people around her.


[Best felt with headphones on to feel the vibes of the handpan and vibration of the voice.]


As she evolved, so did the song. Little by little understanding that what she sees and feels for her is the truth, she dares to open up more and show herself to the world in the Ambient version.



My Eyes Only Ambient is available at iTunes | Direct From Artist or Donation


The third version is My Eyes Dance, a dance version in which classical notes merge with dance beats. Half way the lyrics slightly change as she starts to see who she really is and wonders why a significent other isnt. “Why don’t you see me baby” get’s a deeper meaning when we realize we are all one and connected. Saying anything to someone else, is saying it to yourself too. “See who I am, is who I am!” The message is therefor: it doesn’t matter when people do not see you who you are. See yourself and the world will start to see you! 😉


“Stunned electronic string effect and solid hard snare drum plus clever minors and majors from synth/piano. It all reminded me of Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy. Josies singing cut through with beautiful clarity. Verdict: Excellent!”

~Rob Turner, [Graham Bonnet, Bee Gees]


Lyrics: Josie
Music: Josie & Renegato, Sound of Lighthouse
Artwork: Fred Krautwurst (Renegato)
Album: Close To You [2017]


My Eyes Dance is available at iTunes | Amazon | Direct From Artist or Donation to support Josie’s next music projects! ♥


My Eyes Dance

Sound of Lighthouse