My Eyes Only [Ambient]

About This Project

My Eyes Only is a triptych. The first was composed for handpan and vocals in an intime setting. The lyrics are about a high sensitive woman who sees beyond the human eye and therefor often not understood or believed by people around her.


The second version of My Eyes Only is an ambient version and the third dance. As the woman in the story evolved, so did the song. Little by little understanding that what she sees and feels for her, may not be visible for everyone, but for her it is very real. And so little by little, she dares to open up more and show herself to the world in the Ambient version. Check out the video page as well!


Lyrics: Josie
Music: Josie & Renegato
Mix/Mastering/Video: Renegato.


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My eyes only

Sound of Lighthouse [Ambient version]

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