Salida del Sol

About This Project

The album Salida del Sol was the first album from Sound of Lighthouse. The title ‘Salida del Sol’ means sunrise in Spanish and is a wink to the first album of SOL (Sound of Lighthouse). It contains 12 tracks of Ambient/Pop and the singles ‘My Eyes Only’, ‘Keep On Knocking’ and ‘Leap Into The Deep’.


1. My Eyes Only
2. Hometown
3. Leap Into The Deep
4. Falling In Love
5. Let Him Go
6. Salida del Sol
7. Color of the Mind
8. Home Is Where The Heart Is
9. Goodbye
10. Keep On Knocking (single)
11. Light
12. Someday


“Reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre and Dido collaborating”


Robert Turner (The Marbles, Bee Gees, Graham Bonnet, Stigwood a.o.) about the album Salida del Sol:
“The music is lovely and very easy to listen to. Reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre and Dido collaborating on a musical selection, almost hypnotic to some degree. My favorite is ‘Hometown’. This song could be translated in any genre, might as well be rock or reggae as it is well composed!”


You can check out a preview of all the songs here:

Lyrics and music: Josie and Renegato

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