Shine On Me

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Once upon a time…
there was a Lighthouse
standing day and night in all weather conditions
making ships happy by just being a light.


But after years went by
her light started to die out more and more each day.
The vessels where so used to having her
that at first they didn’t noticed it.


Until one sailor became aware and shouted:
“Where is our light?”
In the dark his skipper tried to find the coast
and the sailor rowed the dingy to the rock
where they felt the lighthouse should be.


He left the dingy and found her silhouette in the darkness.
“Light?”, he whispered a little shy.
“Why are you not shining anymore?”
The lighthouse answered gloomy: “Why is no one ever shining on me?”
The sailor looked surprised and exclaimed:
“But you ARE the light! How much more could you wish for?
I cannot live without you, but you can live without me.
Don’t you see? How valuable you are?”


The lighthouse was quiet for a minute or two.
She never had thought about it or seen herself that way.
And slowly her light started to shine again.
From the ocean sounded loud applause.
All ships had gathered to see what was going on.


The Lighthouse glowed of pride and her light became brighter and brighter.
“Thank you sailor”, she said grateful. “Thank you! For making me see what I truly am!”
“Thank YOU!” said the sailor and blew her a kiss, right before he stepped into his boat.


We sometimes forget to see what we truly are. May we remind each other at times! Perhaps you can give this song as a present to someone who may have forgotten. You can order the song here:
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(*) If it is a present, please send us an email and we will send you the lyrics and this story. ♥


Lyrics: Renegato
Music: Josie & Renegato
Artwork/Mix/Mastering/video: Renegato
Album: Close To You [2017]

Shine On Me

Sound of Lighthouse

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