About This Project

Someday is about how much we as a kid subconsciously copy from what we see our parents do. In this song a father talks to his grownup son, explaining why he didn’t feel free. The son who somehow always felt it, grew up with a strong believe he needed to be free and to live the life his father never had. The father feels guilty as he sees from above how the son struggles and not dares to follow his heart from a fear, that was never his in the first place. The father feels guilty as if he placed this programming in his son, but the truth is, we are free to create our own lives. There is no karma, no DNA or programming that is holding us back from creating the life we want. Life is a journey and often we do not know why we do what we do, or why we felt certain feelings, if they were ours or taking over from our parents. But it will all make sense someday.


The music video was filmed with the help of the habitants and the mayor of the little village La Romana. See the video page for more information about the making of.


Lyrics and music: Josie
Mix/Mastering/Video: Renegato
Album: Salida del Sol [2015]


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Sound of Lighthouse

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