Won’t Bring Me Down

About This Project

The song ‘Won’t Bring Me Down’ is about our ability to choose. It is not our circumstances, other people and what they do (or don’t do), that make us feel down, it is our own thoughts about it. The Ego who is trying to convince us this or that happens because we deserve it, are unworthy of love or are not good enough. As we are a part of Source (The Universe/God, whatever you feel comfortable with), we are (just like Source) perfect, worthy and beautiful. When we become aware that when we feel down, it is because we started to believe the Ego and choose to listen to our authentic self (source self) instead, we will feel more peaceful and ok with ourselves. It may take some practice and time, but the gabs between feeling peaceful or down will expand more and more. The song ‘Won’t Bring Me Down’ is about that nothing can bring us down, when we choose to focus on our truth. That we, as a part of Source, are perfect, beautiful, love, peace and have everything we need already and therefor nothing and no one can bring us down.


Lyrics: Josie
Music: Josie & Renegato, Sound of Lighthouse
Artwork: Renegato
Album: Close To You [2017]


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Won't Bring Me Down

Sound of Lighthouse

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