American TV

American TV

The American TV channel KNOB TV selected several songs to show to their audience! I cannot find words to describe how happy and grateful I am with this opportunity and platform, as this channel is all about sharing positivity, inspiration and uplift the frequency (now more then ever with the collective fear so important)! Founders Trevor and Eileen Bild give a voice to those who want to share their passions, visions and dreams. This channel is a way to provide content from around the world that gives a 360 view of life in a positive and empowering way.

The songs that have been selected are:

“Cloudy Skies in Paradise”, an inspiration video and song about how focussing on our joy, will bring in more of the same energy.

“Music and Rhyme”, how love is not about being fullfilled by someone else from a place of ‘need’, but about the connection, the joy of creating and being together in synergy!

“My Eyes Only”, about trusting our insights and intuition.

Thank you Trevor and Eileen, for acknowledging our work and most of all for creating the channel and helpt to shift the energy!

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