‘Leaving Home’

‘Leaving Home’

The song “Take Me Home” from Sound of Lighthouse has been chosen to be the soundtrack for the Dutch motion picture ‘Uit Huis’ (Leaving Home). The movie was presented during filmfestival Film By The Sea in the Netherlands September 2019. Filmproducers Kees Vermeer and Bo van Scheyen found the perfect song for their story that is about a boy making an almost impossible choice.








In the teaser the producers used the original acoustic version of “Take Me Home” with handpan and vocals. Producer Bo van Scheyen was overwhelmed by the beautiful soothing sound of the handpan en the lyrics about someone in search of a home and knew she had found the soundtrack for the movie.

Teaser “Uit Huis”, muziek Sound of Lighthouse


For the motion picture another, more epic version was created by Sound of Lighthouse. Now available in the MUSICSTORE or iTUNES.