Take Me Home – Live in Finland

Music and lyrics by Josie, handpan and vocals.
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Everything Must Change (cover) – Live in Finland (piano)

Josie singing Everything Must Change written by Bernhard Ighner in the version of Oleta Adams.
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Take Me Home – Live in Italy

Music and lyrics by Josie.
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Cloudy Skies in Paradise

The song and music video Cloudy Skies in Paradise is about people walking their path of life, experiencing cloudy skies at times. What got me out is to focus on little things that gave me joy or a good feeling. Slowly step by step I saw and received more things that felt good and eventually got me out. Inspired by Abraham Hicks teachings.

Won’t Bring Me Down

Even though we will feel some shadows from the past are hauting us, or when the leaves are falling and the season gets grey and cold, or someone else does something and we feel hurt, the truth is; nothing can get us down but our own thoughts about it. The video was made in Benalmadena Pueblo, Costa del Sol, Spain. We used a blind wall and played with the shadow.

Be My Lover

The song and video are about ‘The Sleeping Indian’ a myth around La Montaña del Indio in Antequera (Málaga), Spain. A man decided to go to sleep because his sweetheart left him and he said he will only want to wake up if she returns. The song is about making the other person more important then you.


Josie: “The location was found by accident when I drove on the highway and an inner voice told me to look to the left. As the traffic wouldnt allow me, I intuitively took my photocamera and quickly took a picture. It was only at home that I saw the mountain looked like an Indian and it had a weird radiance on the photo. The next day I went back to discover the area and decided it would be awesome for the video.


We made the video in the summer and woke up very early to beat the heat. We drank coffee and ate our breakfast in the darkness listening to the mountain goats, waiting for the sun to wake up behind the Indian. A moment to cherish”


See photo’s of the making-off here.

Music and Rhyme

Music and Rhyme is about a beautiful connection between Music and the lyrics as an metaphor and an ode to true love. Renegato wrote the lyrics and made this magical video that shows a story about a beautiful connection beyond the human experience on a more deeper level. See how and where this song was created here.

My Eyes Dance

This video was taken early in the morning in the stunning mountains of El Torcal in the South of Spain, near Malaga. The ‘pancake’ shaped rocks are 150 million years old limestone formed by erosion. We had to be here early as the tempeture would rise quickly to 43 degrees. The song is about empowerment and believing in yourself. See more about the song here.

EO [Break The Chains]

The video EO was filmed in Rome, Italy. The song is about breaking free from old patterns that are holding us back, often subconsciously copied from our parents and anchestors. The video was filmed in one shot while Josie was walking by the new metro line in the heart of the historic center of Rome, symbolic for the underthow that is driving us, untill we become aware and we can break free from the patterns and behavior. More information about the story behind the song here.

Shine On Me

The music video ‘Shine On Me’ shows the beautiful scenery of the ocean, the coast and lighthouses from all angles to create a dreamstate in which you have the space to truly listen to the lyrics of the song and the message in it. Read the story behind the song here.

Keep On Knocking

Keep On Knocking is about the many voices we can have in our head and roles we feel we have to play. But all the while our own voice is trying to get our attention to show us the way of the heart. The voices of the Ego self are often loud and repetative, the soul self however whisperes gently and therefor we often don’t hear it until we become quiet or life shows us in the face that what we didnt want to see, or couldnt see at first. We used wigs to represent the voices from the false self and the last shot without wig is the true self trying to get your attention. Check out to see us both in the video 😉


Goodbye has been filmed partly in Benidorm, Costa Blanca Spain, where Sound of Lighthouse recorded their first album Salida del Sol. You can find more about the meaning of the song here.

Salida del Sol

Salida del Sol is our first instrumental song in the genre EDM (Electronical Dance Music). The titel of the song is the same as the album and stands for Sunrise in Spanish. It’s a wink to the rising of SOL (Sound of Lighthouse) too 😉


A warmhearted but freezing cold videoshoot in the little village La Romana and the Acantilado Suites, a little village rebuild from the old days on the cliffs between Benidorm and Alicante, now in use as a hotel. The shooting took place in december of 2014. The mayor of La Romana gave permittion for the shooting in an old Roman bathhouse and Frans Jansen, a Dutch citizen arranged supporting actors, all habitants from the town. You can watch the photo’s here.

You Still Believe In Me

On a sunny day Josie recorded the song You Still Believe In Me with her phone. It’s about true love and seeing someone beyond their stories and believes and the lives that were created from that space.


Josie recording her song ‘Grounded’ on guitar in her living room in the Netherlands. The beautiful lyrics are from Renegato about a woman who feels ‘grounded’, like an airplane who is not allowed to take of untill she sees her own beauty within. Then she starts living.

My Eyes Only [LIVE with hangdrum]

The very first My Eyes Only was created for handpan. This soothing handbuild instrument originates from Switserland where too lads build the very first hangdrum. The drum Josie plays on is a Caisa drum from Germany. It is slightly bigger than the hang and has an amazing sound, best felt with headphones on. Josie performs acoustic mostly at ceremonies and seminars for a short break of the mind.

Take Me Home [LIVE with hangdrum]

Josie played in Italy for a while discovering the beauty of monasteries and churches and the magic that happens with the acoustics merging with the hangdrum. Here in the stunning Monastery Hotel Eremito near Rome.

Hangdrum in monastery Italy [LIVE]

Josie played in Italy for a while discovering the beauty of monasteries and churches and the magic that happens with the acoustics merging with the hangdrum. Here in the stunning Monastery Hotel Eremito near Rome.

Hangdrum in church Italy II [LIVE]

Josie played hangdrum in several churches in Italy to test the acoustics with hangdrum and vocals. Here she plays ‘Take Me Home’ in the beautiful village Citta della Pieve where someone filmed her with their phone.

Pokerface Lady Gaga [With hangdrum LIVE]

Lady Gaga’s song Pokerface stripped to an acoustic version on hangdrum, here live for audience in Eremito, Italy.

Damien Rice [Cover with songwriter Jonny LIVE]

Jonny Tristram is an incredible singer from England who asked Josie on the spot to jam with him for the first time. Here they perform The Blowers Daughter from Damien Rice.

Multi Colored Angels Cover [Guitar & Hang]

Woodworks The Band with Hans van der Werf and Mario Hillebrand asked singer Josie a few times to participate in concerts. Here they practise the song ‘Multi Colored Angel’ from Douwe Bob with the lovely caisa drum [hang] in Josie’s house.

Rocking 🙂

Josie loves to rock at times as well ;-). Here is a recording during a jamsessions in ‘The Spot’ in Middelburg in the Netherlands. With Josie on vocals and keys, Thomas on drums, Jahja guitar and Joey Bass.
The song is a free interpretation of ‘Goodbye’ from Amanda Marshall.

Dido Cover [Piano impro]

While touring Josie often finds herself housesitting. On a rainy night alone, she discovered this old piano, sat down and while recording with her phone the song ‘Here With Me’ from Dido presented itself this way.

Old piano

In the South of France Josie found this very old piano in a barn and plays ‘Everything Will Change’ from Oleta Adams.